Bread Baking: a rewarding pastime


Bread baking can be a relaxing and rewarding way to spend a cold afternoon. Bread baking is also a way to provide your family with wholesome and nutritious alternatives to store bought bread.

When it comes to bread baking, what you bake your bread in is very important. There are many different types and styles of bread pans on the market for you to choose from. You will want to have a variety of bread pans on hand for your bread baking afternoons.

Bread pans can be made of aluminum, glass, or stainless steel. Whatever you choose for bread baking is up to your personal preference. Keep in mind that bread baked in glass should be baked at a slightly lower oven temperature.

Standard bread pans are rectangular in shape. However you can purchase some different shaped pans to make your bread making more interesting and to keep your family guessing.

Another increasingly popular method for bread baking is using a bread machine. Instead of making your dough from scratch, you simply buy pre-made bread machine bread mixes. As bread machine baking has taken off, so has the variety of mixes available. There is almost no bread you cannot make in a machine. Machines are convenient and many models include a timer, so that you can start baking at any time.

There are many baking tools on the market to enhance your break making. These tools range from the simple to the silly to the indulgent. Some baking tools that you may consider are pastry brushes in different sizes, a good cake decorating set, pastry bags, rolling pin rings, or ceramic pie weights. Bread making can be fun and successful with out a lot of extra baking tools but having some of these tools on hand may inspire you to bake more often.

Keep in mind that no matter what your break making skill is, the thing to remember is to have fun and make sure that you have the appropriate baking pans and baking tools.