Dutch Ovens: A Primer


Dutch ovens date back to the early 1800’s in the time of the Pioneers. The Pioneers had a limited amount of room to carry baking and cooking equipment as they make their way across North America. The Dutch oven proved to have multiple uses for the Pioneers and is still used today. The Dutch oven was easy to cook in and could be heated and cleaned quickly.

Finding a good Dutch oven may be a difficult task. Be persistent and your efforts will be rewarded. Dutch ovens come in several sizes. They are anywhere from 8 to 16 inches in diameter and 4 to 6 inches deep. After you purchase your Dutch oven you will have to season it. Seasoning means that your Dutch oven will require a good washing and then it will need to dried completely. After this time you shouldn’t wash your Dutch oven in water again in order to preserve the seasoning effect. After you have washed the Dutch oven place it in the oven and boil some grease inside it. When the grease starts smoking take the Dutch oven from the heat and wipe it out, leaving a bit of grease behind.

You can cook any food in your Dutch oven. This includes meats, vegetable, soups, or biscuits. Look for recipes that use a Dutch oven and try them out. Once you have cooked a few meals in your Dutch oven you can experiment by using it for your favorite recipes.

The Dutch oven is making a big comeback today as more and more families get together on weekends for big family meals.